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What makes you smile?

what makes you smile

There are different reasons for different people. For some, it’s being with friends or their special someone. Spending time alone doing what one loves like reading, baking or working out. It’s getting a raise, making a new purchase, pampering oneself.[ Read More.. ]


Busy women can stay fab and sexy

busy women can stay classy

When school or office work piles up, a lot of women let go of their health and beauty habits and routines. The stress and exhaustion get the better of them and they end up giving in to cravings and unhealthy habits like sleeping late, eating whatever is on hand, or being physically inactive. [ Read More.. ]


Go Loco Over Blue and Indigo!

Mona Lisa features dainty designs this month of August, for every girl looking for some pretty underwear. [ Read More.. ]


How to choose the right lingerie for your body type


When choosing underwear, a girl does not just pick up what’s there. Carefully study your figure and determine

how you can accentuate your strengths. There are different styles of intimate wear for every body type. [ Read More.. ]


Going Green: 2 Recipes for an Awesome Bod

Sexy Smoothie

Mix a cup of spinach (or any other greens you have available), half a cup of pineapple, a few pieces of

strawberries (if available), and a cup of almond milk or coconut water in a blender. Enjoy as a morning

smoothie for extra energy the whole day!

Salad for the Win

Mix some Romaine lettuce, spinach and other greens available in your kitchen with cut-up cherry

tomatoes, slivers of fresh mango, and carrot shreds. You can season with olive oil and balsamic vinegar,

or add some lemon juice for a really fresh and simple salad preparation. Have it cold, or warm by

throwing it into a pan and eating it with your morning eggs. Yummy!. [ Read More.. ]


How to wear a cami

how to wear a cami

A camisole, cami for short, is a type of undergarment or sleepwear. However, some celebrities made it trendy to wear a cami as an outerwear. Now it’s hip to wear them as feminine, lacy tops or as an item for layering.

Mona Lisa has pretty camisoles in ivory, brown and beige. Get all the colors and wear them as part of your OOTD. Here are a few ideas to start you off!

1. Wear a cami with a blazer for the office. Very feminine, in a business-like sort of way.
2. For casual wear, you can wear a cami with faded jeans or anything that is not very feminine—just for contrast.
3. Wear it with another cami or tank top for some pretty delicate layering.
4. Wear it with a strapless bra to go for the “easy on a Sunday morning” effect.
5. Avoid wearing a cami with another very feminine or loose-fit bottoms.
6. Busty women should avoid skimpy camisoles so you don’t end up looking very constricted.
7. Accessorize! Camisoles would look best with a small, thin scarf or a simple necklace.[ Read More.. ]


Pink and Flowers Are IN

Mona Lisa comes up with an entire collection of undergarments in pink and floral prints, catering to women who love feeling very feminine. These are classic designs with touches of interesting features like the multi-way bra and happy accents like the printed bra straps and boyleg waist band. Pink and Flowers have never been this exciting and inspiring! Check out the specific items below:

Padded Bra. Plain but shapely cup, matched with floral printed straps. Way too classy!

Padded Bra in Floral. This one has flower prints all over—for those who can’t get enough of the spring feel!

Cami Set. Now this one is so flexible that you can wear it as underwear, sleepwear, or even as a comfy house wear.

Floral Bikini. A perfect match to the Padded Bra in Floral. Comfy, feminine, sweet!
Plain Boyleg with Print Accent. Get the best of both worlds: comfort and style in one superb piece!

Multi-way Bra. Wear it in different ways, thanks to detachable straps and multiple holes and hooks. Experiment with this one! Perfect for when you want to show off what you have underneath!.[ Read More.. ]