Busy women can stay fab and sexy

busy women can stay classy

When school or office work piles up, a lot of women let go of their health and beauty habits and

routines. The stress and exhaustion get the better of them and they end up giving in to cravings and
unhealthy habits like sleeping late, eating whatever is on hand, or being physically inactive.
Sometimes, being busy with work could spell disaster for your figure and your health. It’s when the
unwanted pounds are put on, frown lines appear, ugly and dark circles under the eyes are more
evident. Makeup can only do so much. You have to get to the root of things and start from the inside.
Here are some tips for staying fab and sexy for women with crazy schedules!
1. You have to prepare for it. The night before, cut up some fruits and boil your veggies and
store them in the fridge so you’ll have quick and ready snacks for the next day.
2. Sit down on Sunday afternoon to plan what you will eat for the whole week. Do your
groceries based on your plan. Success doesn’t happen automatically, it always takes careful
3. Include workout time as part of your daily schedule. Always set aside time for exercise,
even if it’s just for a few minutes.
4. You also need some Me Time. This is your own personal space and time wherein you do
what feeds your soul. Whether it’s reading, meditating, dancing, having tea in unhurried
silence, getting a massage—you need this!
5. Always smile. This is the easiest thing you can put on that will instantly make you look
beautiful and sexy.
6. Get enough rest every day. Naps, power naps, good night’s sleep, beauty rest—all these
will make you look more ravishing!
7. Smoothie in the morning. Prepare a glass of green smoothie for your supply of energy and
nutrients for the day. It makes the skin glow, detoxifies the body and provides necessary
8. Water is your best friend. Drink lots of fresh, clean water every day for good health and
good looks.
9. Take your vitamins. To supplement your daily meals, you can take multi-vitamins every day
to make sure that your body’s needs are met.
10. Dress for success. Choose your clothes carefully. Don’t make it a habit to wear the first thing
you see in your closet. Plan your outfit and look your best not only for others, but more for
yourself. When you know you look great, it gives you confidence and you feel sexy, powerful
and unstoppable.
What sexy women eat
There are certain foods that you can eat for health and for beauty. For example, experts say that
Vitamin D helps reduce extra fat in the tummy area. Therefore, it would be great to eat coldwater fish
like salmon, sardines and mackerel to get your dose of Vitamin D for good looking belly.
Here is a list of food items you can eat to stay sexy enough for your Mona Lisa intimate apparel:
1. Coconut oil and extra virgin olive oil help metabolism. This is great if you’re trying to lose weight.
2. Vitamin E is good for your skin. Therefore, eating food items like walnuts, almonds, avocado,
peanut butter and wheat germ should be part of your diet.
3. Beta-carotene as an antioxidant helps prevent premature wrinkling. So eat a lot of orange fruits
and vegetables like carrots, mango, apricots and sweet potato.
4. Vitamin C is great for the skin. Eating lots of dark, green leafy veggies like kale, red peppers,
oranges, grapefruits, strawberries and broccoli supplies the body with the recommended daily
intake of Vitamin C.
5. Iron-rich protein found in red meat, turkey, oysters, lentils and eggs delivers oxygen to cells all
over your body, including hair follicles. So for great hear, get a lot of iron.
6. Drinking green or black tea helps combat bad breath and also provides fluoride for the teeth.
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