Go Loco Over Blue and Indigo!

Mona Lisa features dainty designs this month of August, for every girl looking for some pretty underwear.

Brassieres and panties are splashed with blue and indigo, in perfect patterns and delightful designs!

You’ll have lots of fun with Mona Lisa’s Pick of the Week. Bra straps can be worn over your shoulders, the

usual way, or—for some off-the-wall fashion action—you can gather them together in criss-cross over your


Mona Lisa Push-up Bras give you the flexibility and freedom to move as you keep your figure in check. It’s the

perfect companion to deep-neckline tops and dresses—very, very sexy!

Soft Cup Brassieres are the height of comfort and convenience. Easy to wear and care for, it goes well with

anything! Put on a shirt or a teeny blouse over them—perfect for stuff that you do every day!

Mona Lisa’s Strapless Bras are meant to be worn with tube tops, spaghetti-straps, off-shoulder numbers,

halters, and the like. It’s absolutely stunning when you want to show off your bare, smooth shoulders.