How to wear a cami

how to wear a cami

A camisole, cami for short, is a type of undergarment or sleepwear. However, some celebrities made it trendy to wear a cami as an outerwear. Now it’s hip to wear them as feminine, lacy tops or as an item for layering.

Mona Lisa has pretty camisoles in ivory, brown and beige. Get all the colors and wear them as part of your OOTD. Here are a few ideas to start you off!

1. Wear a cami with a blazer for the office. Very feminine, in a business-like sort of way.
2. For casual wear, you can wear a cami with faded jeans or anything that is not very feminine—just for contrast.
3. Wear it with another cami or tank top for some pretty delicate layering.
4. Wear it with a strapless bra to go for the “easy on a Sunday morning” effect.
5. Avoid wearing a cami with another very feminine or loose-fit bottoms.
6. Busty women should avoid skimpy camisoles so you don’t end up looking very constricted.
7. Accessorize! Camisoles would look best with a small, thin scarf or a simple necklace.